30 Oct 2019

Quercus Technologies is committed to the leadership training of its employees

During the last weeks a training of personal, relational and team leadership in three sessions have been taking place in Quercus Technologies, thanks to the trainer and coach Xavier Plana. The objective has been analyzing the qualities and skills of the participants, promoting collaborative work and internal cohesion. The attendees have been able to define and set goals for themselves at work.

In the first session we worked on leadership and personal efficiency using Lego Serious Play methodology for a workshop on team building. This innovative technique is designed for the analysis and solution of complex challenges, through collaborative work, promoting creative thinking, actively involving all workers and using the game as a catalyst.

In the second session, individual coaching sessions have been organized with each participant to work on leadership and relational skills and a personalized action plan has been defined for each of the teams.

In the third session, through a workshop, we worked on leadership for high performance teams, studying every dimension.

In this way, the company wants to improve the professional profiles of its employees and polish the group and leadership dynamics of those profiles that have subordinates.


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